2017 National Rankings*

*Includes all tournaments held through the New York bid whist weekend
Out Of The Thousands Of Bid Whist Players In The USA.
 It Is An Honor To Be Anywhere On The List Below.

1st Place
Main Event
1st =10 Points

1st Place Other Tournaments
Place = 8
2nd Place = 6
3rd Place = 4
4th Place = 2

National Rank

First Name
Last Name
1st Joe Jones 52 New York
2nd Ray Harris 42 Atlanta
3rd Jody McCullough 38 Orlando
3rd Gregg Brown 38 Miami
5th Claude Robinson 26 New York
6th Greg Gadson 24 Atlanta
6th Jeff  Bond 24 Atlanta
6th Linwood   Woodhouse 24 Atlanta
9th Gloria Watts 20 Tennessee
9th Dorothy(Dot) Stevenson 20 New York
9th Lenora Clinton 20 New York
9th Remona Chiakpo 20 Houston
13th Ronald Williams 18 Mississippi
13th Cynthia Bryan 18 DC
15th Charles Mosley 16 Mississippi
15th Don Delancy 16 Miami
15th Erika Enge 16 Los Angeles
15th David Brown 16 Las Vegas
19th Pam Polk 14 Texas
19th Terrence Sumpter 14 New York
19th Angela (Candy) Robinson 14 DC
19th Cathy Lloyd 14 Atlanta
19th Montez (Tez) Collins 14 Atlanta
19th Senika (C.C.) Range 14 Atlanta
25th Boom Khan 12 New York
25th Helen Khan 12 New York
25th Randy Jackson 12 Mississippi
25th Lee Oglesby 12 Houston
25th Carl Chambers 12 Chicago
30th Marlon Daniel 10 New York
30th Tyrone Peterson 10 New York
30th T   10 New Orleans
30th John   10 New Orleans
30th Jesse  Powell 10 Maryland
30th Charles Walters 10 Atlanta
36th Julie Downing 8 Orlando
36th Jamel Peter 8 Orlando
36th Howard Bly 8 New York
36th Nessie Case 8 New York
36th Patrick Huntley 8 New Orleans
36th Aaron  Mercadel 8 New Orleans
36th Lavarn (JR) Peters 8 New Orleans
36th Mary Benson 8 Mississippi
36th Robert  Davis 8 Los Angeles
36th Zeb (7No2) Lollis 8 Las Vegas
36th Alvin Turner 8 Gonzales
36th Darryl Banks 8 Gonzales
36th Bill Bell 8 Detroit
36th Natalie Orlu 8 Detroit
36th Marvella Butler 8 Detroit
36th Sam Wilson 8 DC
36th Angie Troy 8 DC
36th Tuck Tucker 8 DC
36th Ejay Joiner 8 DC
36th Sylvia Scott 8 Columbus
36th Keith Williams 8 Columbus
36th Almaria Clark 8 Baltimore
36th Tiffany (tiff300zx) Clark 8 Baltimore
36th Karen Rigsby 8 Atlanta
36th Ulysses Brown 8 Atlanta
36th Shean Lawson 8 Alabama
62th Carter Bryant 6 Texas
62th Daryl Richardson 6 Texas
62th Natalie Washington 6 Tampa
62th Ewil   6 Oklahoma
62th Craig Foy 6 New York
62th Claude Wilkerson 6 New Orleans
62th Ron Wilkerson 6 New Orleans
62th Eric   6 New Jersey
62th Keith England 6 New Jersey
62th Danny   6 Maryland
62th Vee   6 Maryland
62th Angelo Powell 6 Maryland
62th Ci-Ci Akaose 6 Los Angeles
62th Corey Pitrie 6 Houston
62th Kathy Roubichon 6 Houston
62th Donna  Hobson 6 Houston
62th Terry Stewart 6 Gonzales
62th Curtis Franklin 6 Florida
62th Allen (7No Detroit) Swayze 6 Detroit
62th David Jefferson 6 Detroit
62th Ericka Andrews 6 Detroit
62th Kelli (Trump Tyte) Barnes 6 Detroit
62th Cheri Tinsley 6 Detroit
62th Darnell (Hammer)   6 DC
62th Freddie Jones 6 Dallas
62th Ozella Womack 6 Chicago
62th Andrea (Queen Bee) Porties 6 Chicago
62th Tyrone (King) Porties 6 Chicago
90th Licia   4 Tennessee
90th Bob   4 Tennessee
90th Pat Robinson 4 Orlando
90th Kirk Brown 4 New York
90th Larry   4 New Orleans
90th Gian   4 New Orleans
90th Raymond   4 New Orleans
90th Gene Simmons 4 Miami
90th Ms Deb Finley 4 Los Angeles
90th LaTanya Davis 4 Los Angeles
90th Brien Stewart 4 Gonzales
90th Flo   4 Detroit
90th Pat Moore 4 Detroit
90th Wystina Averette 4 DC
90th Tee   4 DC
90th Jessica   4 DC
90th Z   4 Chicago
90th June Spears 4 Chicago
90th Ronnie (Kappa Konnection) Ogletree 4 Atlanta
90th Knowledge   4 Atlanta
110th Roxanne Law 2 Tampa
110th Henry  (Kappa Konnection) Bell 2 Tampa
110th Stephanie Martin 2 New York
110th Melvin Blake 2 New York
110th David Blackwell 2 New York
110th Tony Dandridge 2 New York
110th Myrna Mitchell 2 New York
110th Slamma   2 Miami
110th Jerry Jefferson 2 Maryland
110th Virgil Baker 2 Maryland
110th Lil Ces   2 Maryland
110th Big Ces   2 Maryland
110th Acy Scott 2 Gonzalez
110th Tresa Williams 2 Florida
110th Ann Woodson 2 Detroit
110th Dianne Parham 2 Detroit
110th Mo (Wolfpack) Mohammed 2 Detroit
110th Peggy Bullock 2 Detroit
110th Milton Holt 2 DC
110th Keith Bullock 2 DC


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