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2002 Bicycle Grand Prix
Bid Whist Tour
National Champions

Debra Myers & Paulette Kendrick of the Miami 7 No Club, won the 2002 Bicycle Grand Prix Bid Whist Tour National Championship, which was held in Cincinnati on October 19, 2002. Debra & Paulette qualified for the National Championship tournament by winning the Atlanta Bid Whist Marathon Saturday Night Fever Tournament held September 21, 2002. Below are pictures of all of the qualifiers of the National Championship tournament. Congratulations to Debra & Paulette
2002 Bid Whist National Champions.

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National Championship
Runners Up!

Linda Christian & Leeshell Montgomery of the Elite Whist Society of Detroit was the 2nd Place finishers at the National Finals. They qualified for the finals by winning the Cleveland Saturday Night Fever Tournament on June 22, 2002. Congratulations To
Linda & Leeshell

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Bicycle Grand Prix Bid Whist Tour
Below Are Winners Of All Of The 2002 Grand Prix Bid Whist Tour.
The tournaments were held in the locations below.

Atlanta - Hartford - Cleveland - Alaska
St Louis - DC - Raleigh - Los Angeles - Cincinnati

Click on the individual pictures below for the
full story, pictures, and details  of that particular
Bicycle Bid Whist Tour Tournament.

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